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Lachendes Sankt…

Die Tour beginnt auf dem Platz der Basilika, die dem Schutzheiligen der Stadt geweiht ist: die Fassade, der Kirchturm,…

Der Gardasee,…

Ein Stückchen Mittelmeer zu Füßen der Alpen: der größte See Italiens besitzt die sonnige…

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Think pink


What color is Verona? The roof tiles of the city seen from above, the Medieval walls, the battlements in swallow tail, the marble that covers sidewalks and façades: we think that in Verona all is pink. And we tell you a secret: this web site is all pink for this very reason! This winter a friend came to see us: Sally from Kansas city (or shall we say from Florence, that is her second home?). We spent the day together, wandering, talking (women can talk a lot!), taking photos and sharing ideas. Later on, she wrote a post on her Slice of Tuscany blog about her Veronese day. What a surprise to see that she definitely agrees with us: Verona is pink. Thank you Sally! Hope to be able to meet you again very soon.

Slice of Verona