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Lachendes Sankt…

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Ein Stückchen Mittelmeer zu Füßen der Alpen: der größte See Italiens besitzt die sonnige…

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Romano Dal Forno: Amarone on my mind


Like a record man, like a pop star: Romano Dal Forno- the man making the best and most expensive Amarone wine on the planet- feels the responsibility of having to deal every day with his own performance. "It's been difficult at the beginning” he tells us; “no money, and a big dream to manage". 
Meeting him yesterday afternoon definitely made our day: what a joy to see both determination and grace under such a pressure. Indeed it is an honor to see how this man is devoted to his vocation. 
A call for quality, this is the message he got from his master Giuseppe "Bepi" Quintarelli, and the message we take home after a delightful couple of hours spent with him and his wife Loretta. 
After his vigorous handshake, looking at his open smile and honest blue eyes, we realize once more that this is the kind of Italians we love! 
Grazie Mr and Mrs Dal Forno, see you soon!

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