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Verona en…

Verona velut altera Roma: ¡bienvenidos a la ciudad, segunda tras Roma por el número de vestigios…

Arrozales hundidos…

Ya no hay más sorpresas… ahora está claro el motivo por el cual en la gastronomía veronesa…

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Grace in taking photos


Morning coffee with a brand new friend: Valeria Palombo, Veronese by adoption and passionate photographer. We wanted to know her because every day she posts lovely photos of Verona on Instagram (by far our favorites!). She has a natural grace, exactly as her photos. We met her in a bistro located in her quarter- Veronetta, the rive gauche of Verona- the district of ancient craftsmen and artists. Now it’s becoming the most lively, creative part of town: live music, vintage shops, collectibles boutiques. Valeria is a real insider of the place, in spite of her Tuscan origins. She told us she likes details and little stories, exactly as we do. You find some of her pics on our web site.

Valeria Palombo on Instagram