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Verona: the city of lovers and not only

Verona is renowned all over the world as the city of Romeo and Juliet thanks to Shakespeare.
Verona is a Roman city and also a Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance city, an ideal place where young lovers, newlyweds and couples of all kinds can have a journey in the city of love.
During your Verona Italy tour, thanks to Verona guide, you will be able to visit some famous places: the Arena, Piazza Bra', Piazza Erbe, Juliet’s house and Juliet's tomb in the Monastery of St. Francis.
The reconstruction of Juliet's house is situated in the heart of Verona, near Piazza Erbe.
By tradition you can leave there a text message, with hearts full of sweet phrases and promises of a happy future as a couple, and attach it to the statue of Juliet or near the door that leads the most famous balcony in the world.
Verona tours allows to visit the best places in the city and the guide will give you information about the opera and the places where you can spend pleasant evenings and where you can have a romantic dinner.
If you spend some days in Verona to Verona italy sightseeing tours, after Italy verona city tour you are going to tours lake garda, where excursions around the lake by bike or by sailing boat are organized or, if you prefer to have some rest, you will be able to cross the lake with tourist motor vessel. If you want to spend a relaxing day you can go to some health spas nearby the lake.
Verona's area offers many possibilities to spend an unforgettable and lovely weekend with your partner.