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To discovery Verona: city of art with lots of fun

Italy is a renowned destination for holidays: there are famous art cities like Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and wonderful places such as Sardinia, Sicily and the Adriatic Coast to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea.
A feature of Italy is good cuisine: pasta, pizza and good wine. Recently wine and food tourism has developed.
An ideal city to combinate all these features is Verona, the city of lovers (thanks to Shakespeare), which is located in north of Italy.
Verona is a wonderful city where you will be able to make tours in Verona Italy.
Without using public transport or car you can arrive at the main places of interest, which can all be easily reached by foot.
Verona sightseeing tours on foot it is the best way to discover the city. The tour Verona Italy lasts 23 hours and you will be able to take in the sight: the Arena, the Arena, Piazza Bra', Juliet’s house, Piazza Erbe, ...
After Verona city tours you can spend a pleasant evening in one of the best restaurants near the Arena where you will savour traditional dishes and good wine from Verona hills of Valpolicella.
Near Verona there is Lake Garda, where you can to spend an amazing day. You can do Lake garda Italy tour with a motor vessel or, if you love sports, you will be able to play windsurf, kitesurf or paraglider.
After visiting lake garda you will stop in one of restaurants on lake shore for a romantic dinner with delicious fresh fish.
Verona italy tours are recommended to all lovers of art, culture, cuisine.