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Taste the Italian flavor: Verona, the city of risotto and good wine.

Recently wine and food tourism has developed to discover new flavours and customs. Many Italian cities offer the possibility of food tours; among them, we want to talk about Verona. Verona is situated in north of Italy, near lake garda.
Verona offers a lot of opportunities to spend some good times for culture, art but especially for the cuisine: wine and risotto are the specialities of the city.
Verona is placed at the feet of Valpolicella's hills and in the south of Verona there are the great plains which offer the ideal soil to grow rice. Valpolicella is famous for its wines.
If you spend a few days to visit Verona, you will make a wine tasting Verona tour and you can try risotto cooked whit Amarone wine, with red chicory, with asparagus or with meat.
The local rice is a PGI (protected geographical indication), the only PGI rice in Italy. This highlits its great quality and highly nutritious properties.
After a beautiful tours in Verona, if you like fresh fish, you can go to lake garda tour and you can stop at one of the many restaurant on the lake shore to eat delicious fish.
To improve your trip you can ask for a verona italy travel guide who will suggest you the best Verona sightseeing to visit the city and the best places to eat.
Thanks to Verona italy guide you can do a beautiful tour Verona where you can visit beautiful places and taste the best cuisine.