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The Cathedral…

The Cathedral complex, dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolare, stands on the right bank of the Adige river and is…

Vineyards among…

For centuries Soave, protected by its medieval walls and dominated by its castle, was a military outpost used for…

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Blog is a travel notebook for sharing with you a discovery, a location, an event, a special moment, a happy occasion linked to Verona and to our work.

If you have been on a tour with us, we are really interested in hearing your impressions and remarks: send them by e-mail and we will enter them into our blog. Obviously, blog is also a notebook for your own thoughts, suggestions, ideas and experiences relating to our city.

Grace in taking photos

Morning coffee with a brand new friend: Valeria Palombo, Veronese by adoption and passionate photographer. We wanted to know her because every day she posts lovely photos of [...]

Verona for Expo Milano 2015

If you come to Milan for Expo 2015, consider that Verona is only 90 minutes away. Think of enhancing your food + wine experience with a day trip to Verona! What do we have to [...]

Tom's watercolor

In September Karen and Tom came to Verona and we had a blast! I discovered that Tom, who is an architect, had made fantastic sketches and watercolors of Verona. It is very [...]

Romano Dal Forno: Amarone on my mind

Like a record man, like a pop star: Romano Dal Forno- the man making the best and most expensive Amarone wine on the planet- feels the responsibility of having to deal every day [...]

A feedback from Opera Tours Italy

Hello Lorella and ValeriaFollowing our bookings with you in August 2013, for a general sightseeing tour of Verona and tour of churches of Verona, everyone at Opera Tours [...]

Think pink

What color is Verona? The roof tiles of the city seen from above, the Medieval walls, the battlements in swallow tail, the marble that covers sidewalks and façades: we [...]

Music from the North

During the summer 14 norvegian bands have animated Piazza dei Signori with joyfully music! Join us next year.

Were they or were they not? That is the question

This is what I was asked from the very beginning of my tour given to the Goa - India-  Health Minister Mr.Vishwajeet Rane and his family. The girls had [...]

A stormy day in Verona

You wouldn't believe it ! This is not Venice. This's been the only stormy day in Verona during this long hot summer.

The river Adige source

This summer I spent my holidays in the Venosta valley and I went to take a photo of the source of the river Adige: the river, that crosses Verona and literally hugs it with its [...]

AGIVR interview on web magazine

MondoRosaShokking is a web magazine and one of their journalists, Silvia, asked us to hold an interview. We told her a few anecdotes and revealed some little secret: how we [...]

Green grapes

Today wine tour in the Valpolicella. A look at the vines in winter is rather depressing: in need of a support, they are poor and graceless. In June, instead, shoots are [...]

Rendez-vous in Verona with Stewart Halperin

There was a nip in the air the day I met the St. Louis (Missouri) based photographer Stewart Halperin last February. He was arriving from Venice. Stewart has traveled the world [...]

Again about Stewart the montainous regions of Rwanda, he learned to observe late Dr. Diane Fossey though his camera lens. Well, I think that his work is worth checking out. Thank you [...]

Rick Steves is in the house

Historian, legendary traveler, author of guidebooks and TV shows: a leading travel authority and.. excellent human being!

From Silvia (Madrid)

Querida Valeria: Solo quería darte las gracias en nombre de toda la familia por el tour de Verona tan estupendo que hicimos. Disfrutamos todos [...]

Bike Tour

Let us introduce you our new Bike Tour! Verona is perfect for bikes: not too small and not too large. The quarters of St. Zeno, Borgo Trento, Duomo, Veronetta and obviously the [...]

Gorgeous sky over Ponte Pietra

Yesterday evening, at the end of a tour under a terrible rain, eventually a gorgeous sky appeared, behind the towers, over Ponte Pietra. Here it is... let's share the "magic [...]

Introduction to the Opera

Verona means Arena, Verona means Opera music, Verona means Verdi and Puccini. Since a few years A Guide in Verona has developed a new format for business and tourism groups [...]

Breakfast with… Nicola, location manager

This morning (very early): breakfast with Nicola Fedrigoni, location manager in Verona. Nicola combs the whole district searching for significant places: vacant [...]

Coffee break @palazzo

Giovanna and Carlo Alberto live with their two lovely girls in a XVI cent. palazzo with stuccoes and frescoes, not far from the piazza Erbe. They offer us an extraordinary [...]

Nativity in the piazza

See what every year, at Christmas, the owners of the market stalls in piazza Erbe place under “la berlina”, a XVI cent. tribune which is located in the heart of the [...]

Letters to Juliet

Hard to believe but none of the films that regard the most famous love story ever, Romeo and Juliet, had been made in Verona! Then came Letters to Juliet and, eventually, Verona [...]

Valeria with Silvia in the shop of Corrado Benedetti

Enogastronomy between Valpolicella and Lessinia: wines matching with cheeses produced in farmstead and with salami aged with patience and care. Did [...]

A poem in local dialect dedicated to Piazza Erbe: "La Piassa"

Piassa Erbe l’è na veciota che, ogni giorno, la nàsse nova.La g’à la facia chieta, nobile, sponsàda, paciocona. La pàr [...]

Lorella at work

A picture of a working day: Lorella at work. We want you to spend an enjoyable time, we want you to discover a connection, an idea, a sensation to bring home.

A tribute to our Venetian partners

Hello Fernando, hello Hélène,  hello Sabrina: we are on line!

Welcome! Eccoci!

Here we are, at the most legendary balcony in the world, which we chose as our logo.