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Tours of the city / in detail

The Cathedral and its district

The Cathedral complex, dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolare, stands on the right bank of the Adige river and is strongly identified by its spire-less white bell-tower.
The city's patron saint, Saint Zeno, was the one who chose the site for building the first cathedral in the 4th century. Soon the structure proved too small due to the steep rise in conversions to Christianity and so another was soon built in the next century. The elegant mosaic floors of both of these early Christian cathedrals are still visible.

Through the silent and peaceful cloister, one of the most beautiful in Verona, one enters the small church of S. Elena. In summer you can also enjoy the simple elegance of the Romanesque baptistery, topping the visit in the cathedral’s marble-clad naves that showcase Titian's beautiful Assumption of the Virgin.

The things you will see and do:

- the cloister
- the church of S. Elena
- the cathedral
- the baptistery (accessible only in summer)
- walk through the cathedral district: the Pietra bridge and Via Sottoriva

The tour lasts 3 hours.