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Tours of the city / special ideas


“Celeste Aida, forma divina…”
For three months a year, Verona’s sky fills with the notes of famous arias such as Aida and Carmen, Nabucco and Rigoletto, La Traviata and La Bohème: it’s the Verona Arena festival.

If you are or would like to become a great opera lover, here’s the key to open up the secrets of staging operas in a grand, Roman amphitheater.
Acoustics, sceneries, absence of curtains, enormous stage size, weather problems: on this tour we experience how challenging it is to stage Opera music in a noble, ancient, splendid 2000 years old site in front of a stadium- sized audience.

The Roman Arena provides every night a full-body live experience that can not be compared to any other in the whole world.
On our Operalab we focus on practical details of staging a music show in a place that from the very beginning was conceived for bloody, gladiators fights and not for magical Opera notes.
Why opera shows in the Arena? Who had this brilliant idea and when?

Music, singing, acting, dancing, staging, lighting: problems and solutions. What we offer is a hands-on experience on how production works for creating the perfect night, considering: possible weather problems, noises from the surroundings, the due respect for the Roman monument, the best possible acoustics, the big size of the props etc…

The Operalab lasts 2 hours and costs EUR 140.