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Tours in Verona's environs


Sick of standard wine tours, sick of busy routes? Love, instead, strong personality in both people and wines?
Choose our prestige Amarone tour.

“Let us go out early to the vine-gardens: let us see if the vine is in bud, if it has put out its young fruits…”(Song of Solomon 7:12)
Experience with us the most secret and wildest Amarone valleys: unexplored, peaceful sites, where green is THE colour and others don’t go.
Here wine makers are happy of pursuing excellence. Their cellars are always unique and somehow unexpected: they can be family sized, super technological or strongly focused on sustainable agriculture, but in any case they strive to be the very best.

Top quality wines, hard work philosophy, beautiful lands, energetic human touch, word of mouth (instead of marketing): this very special blend will make your day unforgettable.

Attention! You might happen to be involved in the grape/olive harvest or be welcomed with a home-cooked pasta!
If wine is your religion, we can arrange a visit to a world class Amarone cellar.

On this tour, we visit 2/3 cellars and taste 6- 8 top quality wines + abundant finger food.

We select the cellars according to your attitude towards wine (innovative/ traditional and iconic).

The tour includes: guide service, all tastings, luxury car/van with driver.