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Tours of the city / absolute musts

Verona in Roman times

Verona velut altera Roma: Verona is like another Rome. Welcome to the city that is second only to Rome as regards quantity of Roman artefacts! The city's historical centre still expresses the ancient Roman city planning style with the "cardo" (the main North-South axis) that intersected with the "decumanus" (the main East-West axis). In following them, we will see a truly large amount of Roman remains of excellent quality: two monumental gates and segments of fortification walls and of roads, mosaics in private domus (homes) and funerary plaques, a complete honorary arch in all its ultra-elegant beauty.

The tour ends at the monumental Arena, the ancient Roman amphitheatre that will astonish and charm you for its majesty, for its excellent state of preservation and for the clever techniques applied in building it.

These are the places we will visit:

- the Gavi arch
- the Borsari gate
- Piazza Erbe
- the Pietra bridge
- the Leoni gate
- the Arena

The tour lasts 3 hours.