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Tours of the city / in detail

For art lovers: the Castelvecchio painting gallery

The castle of Cangrande II della Scala is a pristine structure straight from the Middle Ages with a moat and draw-bridges, angular towers, a majestic donjon and a bridge crossing the river, at once audaciously structured and yet romantic and evocative.
The castle hosts the city's richest museum, the curator of which from the 50's to the 70's was the famous architect Carlo Scarpa. The gallery of sculptures provides an impressive walk through powerful 14th century works of sacred art that richly interpret the period's dramatic expressionism.

The cosy and welcoming painting gallery invites visitors to contemplate the wide array of Veneto-school paintings from the 14th to the 18th century: from the medieval polyptychs with their gold-leaf backgrounds and the refined panels painted by Pisanello, to its golden centuries with the most popular workshops of painting style-setters such as Liberale, Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini, Francesco Morone, Cavazzola, Girolamo dai Libri and Paolo Veronese.

The tour includes:

- the exterior of the castle: drawbridge and baileys
- the sculptures gallery
- the painting gallery
- the battlements

The tour lasts 3 hours.