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Tours of the city / in detail

The Giusti gardens

Nestling at the feet of the hills, hidden from sight by a tall stone wall, the Giusti Gardens open up to us like a coffer with its unexpectedly fascinating jewels within.
As we stroll along the lanes lined with boxwood, typical of the formal Italian garden, we can listen to the gurgling of the fountains graced by classical statues from ancient times. We can lose our way in our attempt to reach the centre of the labyrinth and then rest under the centuries-old cypress that inspired Goethe and other artists on their Grand Tour.

We can climb up the scenographic rise and take in the lovely view from the terrace: the family mansion and its backdrop of city bell-towers, and perhaps listen to the concert offered by their pealing bells.

The tour includes:

- the Giusti Gardens
- a walk through the Veronetta district

We recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes.

The tour lasts 3 hours.