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Tours of the city / in detail

The Liberty style in Verona

Borgo Trento, the district that occupies the bend of the Adige river above the historical centre, was built in the first decades of the past century as a new residential area for the bourgeoisie that was emerging at the time. Its avenues still display lovely villas – some of which quite strange, others of rare elegance – testifying to the new, comfortable lifestyle of the 20th century.

We will see two or three-storied detached or semi-detached buildings each surrounded by a small garden, all still functioning as private dwellings. These homes all show their architects' common quest for harmony between the architectural plan and the decorations (stone or cement reliefs, tempera embellishments, wrought iron elements, stained-glass windows).

The tour envisages the exteriors only. We have selected the following villas for you:

- Villino Brugnoli
- the "antiquarian's house"
- Villa Bassani
- Villa Beghini
- Villa Tosadori
- Villa Cuzzeri
- Villa Manzini
- Villa "Scala"
- Villa Rossi Pavesi.

The tour lasts 3 hours.