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Tours of the city / special ideas


In partnership with a local RE agent, who constantly scouts artistically and historically relevant locations, we are proud to present this brand new tour.

What was splendor for the Italians of the XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII century?

You eventually experience family spaces that belonged to the Italian upper- class of the past: welcome in ancient, noble, enchanting mansions!

On top of elegant, carpeted staircases, the doors open and uncover frescoed ceilings, sumptuous canvas, renowned painters' works, stuccoes that you would easily find in a museum but... this is a warm home!

If you are longing for beauty and Italian lifestyle, Verona is a good alternative to more conventional destinations. Rumor has it that a couple of Hollywood stars have already made this choice!

On this cultural tour you see 2/3 apartments or mansions and you are given detailed explanations on art and architecture.